Home Maintenance


window cleaningBefore to start with the most common home maintenance steps, make sure you check your roof with a specialist from http://www.jbsroofingaz.com/. In a state like Arizona, especially the southern part, HVAC dealers are usually as busy as bees keeping customers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Most newer homes come with air conditioning. The older homes will often have a unit on the roof or in some of the windows, that pumps cool air, but not cold air. These units also make a lot of noise and require continuing maintenance. Windows on new homes will be dual-pane or even triple-pane if you can afford it. You might want to ask questions about the setup of heating and cooling in your home before buying it. If you’re beyond that stage and already the owner, it might be wise to make some window changes to cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Pool Care!

If your last home was in North Dakota you probably didn’t have a swimming pool due to the maintenance conundrums come winter time. In Arizona, swimming pools are like ants at a lakeside picnic – everywhere. Plenty of things can go wrong with a small or large pool in your yard; and it often will. You should keep in mind that messing around with anything electrical can be dangerous. Correcting anything that has to do with a pool is simply not a do-it-yourself project. Except for raking the leaves and dust off the top of the water on a regular basis, should be the extent of your contribution.

Pest Control!

Unless you live on an island in a bamboo hut, most homeowners can’t escape the invasion of pesky pests. Some states are worse than others. Florida, for example, has mosquitoes big enough to carry away your dinner on the beach. On the other hand, in the state of Arizona, scorpions get a bad rap. Oh sure, they make their home in the confines of the state hiding under rocks, taking a stroll across your kitchen floor while you’re making dinner, but for the most part, scorpions are just as afraid of you as you are of them. Actually, it’s the smaller ones that are more harmful if you get bitten by one. Part of your new home maintenance will be hiring a professional pest control company close to your home who has experience and demeanor to tell what they are using to control the pests that are “bugging” you – excuse the pun.

pest controlAnd if you lean more toward a more natural pest control option, find one in your area who will eschew pesticides. There is no question that pesticides can be very effective at ridding your home and garden and yard of bugs and every other type of rodent. The downside here is that these chemicals can harm your health not to mention the environment. So, consider protecting your valuable new home by using chemical-free alternatives that are not only safe, especially around children, but as effective as the pesticide.