home maintenanceOkay, you finally made the monolithic decision to put the cold weather of North Dakota in your rear view mirror and become a new home owner in the State of Arizona. Good for you. Save a phone number for a roofing repair phoenix company. It’s a beautiful state with plenty of things to do. However, there are some things you need to know about some places in Arizona; especially the weather. For starters, you won’t need that snow shovel, snow shoes, snow tires, ear muffs and those three layers of winter jackets required where you used to live. But if your new home owner choice was in the Northern part of the state in places like Flagstaff, Winslow, Prescott, the White Mountains Indian Reservation or Kingman, you might consider saving a few winter items just in case.

On the other hand if in your past visits to Arizona as a “snowbird”, you fell in love with Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa or Tucson (the major cities), you are probably aware of the minefields that, well, can be a bit disturbing. We’re talking about the summer heat (usually from May through September) and, of course, pest control. That said, let’s assume as a new homeowner you were vigilant enough to have a thorough home inspection before closing escrow; good you eliminated 75 percent of all your future headaches. Ensuring that your roofing and gutters are sound and your shingle roofing is in good shape and not so old that in a slight windstorm, could blow half of your roof onto your neighbor’s yard or the street. But if your new home purchase included a “Spanish tile” roof, you’ll be in good shape.

pest control gardenOh, before enlightening you on pest control which is a critical part of Arizona living, lets further assume you’ve a swimming pool in the back yard, and some very attractive items in your front yard like a five foot Saguaro cactus and one or two Sago Palms as well as some small succulent plants all of which will lay in a bed of small river rocks. Why this type of landscaping you may ask? Well, folks, the southern part of Arizona doesn’t get much rain but gets plenty of sunshine. Ergo, watering yards full of cactus is a rather simple procedure. Cactus is well known to be the world’s greatest water bucket. In other words, once you have a professional landscaping company fully landscaped your yard, you may never have to see them again unless an occasional wind and dust storm hits the area.