Do You Really Need To Wear Foundation?


In a society where everything goes, many people are wondering if they need to wear foundation at all. The answer is that you don’t have to wear foundation. The only real reason why anyone should wear it is if they have something they need to cover up. If your face has splotchy skin tones and discoloration, then yes you need to wear it. Foundation is really up to the person and a personal choice. When you have imperfections on the face, like blemishes, cover-up products can even out the skin and make it look virtually flawless.

The problem with foundation is that many women wear too much, or more than they need. The idea is to keep it simple and to not allow the foundation to be caked on the face. First, don’t opt for a heavy coverage if you don’t need it. If you just have minor issues, then use a light coverage. This is the number one way that people make their faces look like they applied their makeup with a putty knife. Also, be careful around the chin line. That makeup needs to be the right color to blend in.

It’s important to constantly educate yourself on applying makeup, and the simplest way to do so is by watching make up review videos and workshops. This site provides plenty of useful materials on this matter:

There are so many products on the market these days, which ones are best. Here are the most popular foundation options:

tumblr_lsfb48tdHO1qdetvyLiquid- This is a personal favorite of many. It comes in many varieties and consistencies. From lightweight to heavy, you get to decide how much coverage you need. Those who have lines and wrinkles may benefit from a primer that goes on before the foundation. This will prevent the makeup from defining those lines and wrinkles and making them look worse.




imageMineral – It comes in a loose powder form, but it goes on with a makeup brush. It’s one of the newest foundations on the market, but it has a more natural finish that many love. The great thing about a mineral base is that it allows you to keep layering it until the coverage is just the way you want it. Unlike some liquids which cake when you put too much on, mineral just adds one amazing layer at a time.



2aeadb6127d3e3ad4dd8fd6262035edfPowered – It’s kind of in the middle between a liquid and a mineral style of foundation. While it’s all powdery, it doesn’t go on just like powered. It provides a better coverage than powder alone, but it’s heavier.